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The adventure starts right here!

Forest hikers and garden campers will get their money's worth here. Hats, jackets and coats - everything an Outbacker heart desires.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach us by phone on 02306 849 5810 or just an email away at


As a treat, we have a 15% discount on our entire range - and it's almost Easter.

On the one hand we are waiting for our delivery again and then we still have a lot of last pieces that we are gradually putting up. 

Part of our warehouse is being converted into a nice goods shop, a small shop where you will soon be able to browse directly. 

Action ground out - STARTS in KüRZE.


One can be curious - either way, WE look forward to seeing you and with you! 





Workhorse Drovers Coat in brown with a zipped in Fleecy Liner

✅ AUSTRALIA STYLE - Oilskin wax coat in black and brown for men and women. Classic Drover jacket with print heads and detachable shoulder cape. ✅WIND AND RAINPROOF - oiled cotton makes the material wind and water repellent. ✅WINTERFEST - all jackets and coats have a removable inner lining. ✅ ROBUST AND VERSATILE - Whether for...

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